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Spark - high performance cluster computing.

Fast and General-Purpose Cluster Computing System

There are different custom scripting tools to handle data. Still Why we need a framework to process big data? The thing is data is growing rapidly each day. Research suggests that stored data in our world will be double in every 18 months. The ever growing data cannot be logically fit to one machine. Even it does, processing time increases as the size of data increases. To encounter this problem MapReduce built to concur. Parallelizing the processing power of the device with distributed system solve the problem. Spark logo

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A Telephone Application-VoiceInn and Its architecture

Interactive telephone application with user friendly UI

VoiceInn is an internal project of YoungInnovations to provide an interactive telephony service with user friendly web interface. It includes three main telephony services - Vsurvey, Vboard and Vsupport. The modular feature of VoiceInn allows client to take service they need and also provide a customizable feature as required. voiceinn logo

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